Clothesline Kit

Solar Drying Systems releases it's new complete clothsline kits in three variations.
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Installing a Solardrying Clothesline


Installing a Solardrying Clothesline Elevator



Solar Drying Systems has been producing quality clothesline products for over 60 years.  Our product line has over 50 SKU's and we meet all of our customer's demands when it comes to clotheslines.  Our clothesline pulleys are die cast with Zmac3 zinc to provide a superior engineered product and an alloy that does not rust.  All of our zinc clothesline products are guaranteed under normal use and care and manufacturer's defects.  Wright Aluminum prides itself in producing a quality product that can last throughout the years.  All our zinc castings are manufactured and assembled in Canada and our clothesline wire is imported from Europe. 

Electric dryers use five to ten percent of residential energy.

1. Clothes last longer.

2. Clothes and sheets smell better.

3. Save energy, thus preventing pollution.

4. Save money.



Benefits for drying your clothes on a clothesline:

  • A typical household in the United States consumes a total of about 11,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year
  • Your clothes dryer could be accounting for ten percent of your total electricity use!
  • Each year, it costs about $160 just to run your clothes dryer. In contrast, most clotheslines will pay for themselves within 1 year. Also, all of the energy from the sun is free!
  • There are upwards of 88 million dryers in the US alone, each emitting in excess of one ton of carbon dioxide per year. " Dryers consume approximately 6% of the total household electricity usage.
  • Line drying is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Second to the refrigerator, the electric dryer is the second biggest household user of electricity. Each of these consumes approximately 1,079 kilowatt hours of energy per household, emitting 2,224 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • Clothes typically last longer without the duress of a machine dryer.
  • The sun's ultraviolet rays are a Natural antiseptic and kill bacteria.

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It all started with an idea from the founder of Wright Aluminum to provide people with a better, stronger clothesline pulley. Quality has always been the footing for the business and the reason why it has lasted for over 60 years.




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