Clothesline Kit

Solar Drying Systems releases it's new complete clothsline kits in three variations

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Solar Drying Systems is a family run business that has been making environmentally friendly clothesline products for 60 years.

We started out as Wright Aluminum Limited and in 2000 we changed the name for our clothesline products to Solar Drying Systems to show our customers what we were producing, a product that takes the solar power of the sun and uses it in a drying system. The company was created by our grandfather, Harold Wright. He looked at the clotheslines strung out around his neighbourhood and watched as people walked back and forth putting clothes on the line. "What if you could walk out of your house and stand in one place to hang your clothes?" he thought. The invention of the Wright Aluminum clothesline pulley quickly made its way into production in the year 1946. Nothing came close to the quality of the pulleys and soon the orders were too big to handle out of his house and the business moved to a larger facility.


We changed our manufacturing process from Aluminum to Zinc Die casting in 2000. This makes our product a little heavier, but still has the superior quality; a product that will last in all climates and takes less energy to produce.

We have a wide variety of pulleys from 5 inch to 8 inch. The larger the pulley the more secure it is for a longer clothesline. We also manufacture clothesline elevators - a simple device. Our clothesline elevator raises your clothesline 3 to 4 feet in the air. This creates more space in people's back yards and was exactly what customers needed. You can raise and lower your line to keep it out of the way of other obstacles as your clothes are drying, then lower the line when the clothes are dry.


Solar Drying Systems has seen success all over Canada and has recently witnessed a growth in the United States. Keeping in tune with running a true family business the ownership has never moved from the Wright family - a family proud to provide people with an alternative energy source. Solar Drying Systems would like to welcome new and returning customers to the process of drying clothes

Different Bearing

Bearings Ball Bearings- Two permanently lubricated ball bearings are in each wheel. This produces the longest spinning and smoothest of the pulleys.

Nylon Bearings- Two nylon bushing are in each wheel to assist in the spinning of the pulley.

Regular Zinc- The regular zinc-plated rivet is our economy model. Pulley Size The larger in diameter the pulley is the longer the clothesline. The larger the pulley size will make it easier to use the clothesline.

Rule for size of pulley

  • 75 feet of drying line requires an 8 inch pulley
  • 50 feet of drying line requires a 6 inch pulley
  • less than or approximately 25 feet of drying line requires a 5 inch pulley


  • When the customer has all clothes on the line, they need to take a clothes pin and insert it into one of the holes in the pulley and pulley bracket. When the clothes pin is through both the pulley bracket and pulley this will prevent the pulley from spinning. This is an extra precaution in high winds to help prevent the clothes from moving and being damaged



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