Clothesline Kit

Solar Drying Systems releases it's new complete clothsline kits in three variations

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Wright Aluminum Limited has been producing quality clothesline products for over 50 years.  Our product line has over 50 SKU's and we meet all of our customer's demands when it comes to clotheslines.  Our clothesline pulleys are die cast with Zmac3 zinc to provide a superior engineered product and an alloy that does not rust.  All of our zinc clothesline products are guaranteed under normal use and care and manufacturer's defects.  Wright Aluminum prides itself in producing a quality product that can last throughout the years.  All our zinc castings are manufactured and assembled in Canada and our clothesline wire is imported from Europe. 

The all New Clothes Line Kits. Complete clothes line kits including all the accessories to get you Solar Drying fast.
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5" to 8" zinc and plastic pulleys. All pulleys are completely weatherproof and built to last. These WILL NOT RUST
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Withstanding from 750lbs to 1500lbs, the Evergreen, Coolbreeze or Sunrise will meet your needs withstanding any size load.
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Hang 'em High or keep them AT Arms Length these elevator pulley systems makes it just that much easier.
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All your accessory needs.
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